A Graditude Idea Plus New Music Info! 

Hi, I hope you are enjoying the summer! The sun is out more often and I am back to taking my walks in the morning and I'm grateful! Which leads me to share something with you I thought was cool.... A friend was telling me about her co-worker who keeps a gratitude journal. Everyday she writes down at least three things she is grateful for no matter what and keeps it in a journal that… Read more

My Organizing Tips... Strange coming from a musician, right? 

My Organizing Tips ...... The day I sent out my organizing tips in my last newsletter I received a phone call with my husband on the other end laughing when he read my email. I asked him why he was laughing and he reminded me that a few days before I'd been so overwhelmed that I vented about all I had on my plate and the challenges I was having! I told him I was buying… Read more

CD Release Countown & Music Video Premiere! 

Just 6 more days until my CD Release Concert! It will be this Sun. at 6:30pm at the Children & Arts Center in Romeoville, IL and I sincerely hope you will join the band and I for this special night! In order to celebrate a little early, I am going to unlock a new song preview each day and give you an inside scoop or unknown fact about the song! Come "like" … Read more

My Favorites list 

It is winter in Chicago, and I have to confess it is a little hard for me to bear the cold and lack of warmth and sunlight. Although I do have to admit the white fluffy snow draped over the lanscape is quite breathtaking, I still get a bit somber in winter, so with this is mind, I thought it might be good to focus on the things I do love in order to help get my attitude on the positive!  I've decided to make a list… Read more